Frequently Asked Question

MedCompass release notes are only available in pdf format and edits are restricted for external users. The release notes are proprietary to AssureCare and are only available to current clients.

Release notes capture one month, or two iterations of feature development. Release notes are further broken down by Module and by Features.

Release notes capture monthly updates to all modules of the MedCompass platform. Each set of release notes is organized by module breakdown and has a Table of Contents for easy navigation. Any new features, feature changes, or new fields will be under their corresponding module section.

A module is an extension to a main program dedicated to a specific function.  MedCompass is a powerful suite of software modules. Each module can be used alone or in combination to create greater visibility and efficiency for your organization.  Current MedCompass modules include:

  • Utilization Management– Verify eligibility, optimize reviews, and streamline appeals and grievances.
  • Care Management– Enable preventative care, manage medical interventions, and efficiently report on program outcomes.
  • Medication Management – Perform and bill medical services, ensure medications are safe and effective, and identify ways to improve care.
  • Quality Management –Improve outcomes, lower costs, and adhere to standards, such as HEDIS, Stars, and PQA.
  • Specialty Pharmacy – Integrating AssureCare’s Specialty Pharmacy Module with prescription dispensing systems will lead to enhanced patient services provided by pharmacies.

Each individual feature contains a feature title, feature description, release version, related module(s), configuration considerations, and the user journey.

The release version of MedCompass is the number denoted for each software release. Each release is in numerical order from the last release – E.g., 2.80, 2.81, 2.82.

Configuration considerations include steps the client’s system administrator will have to take to arrange the back-end components of the software for the feature to work for the end users.

The user journey section explains the steps that a typical MedCompass end user will take to access the new feature and use it in their workflow.

Yes. While a rare occurrence, when additional work is done on a feature that affects its functionality, previous release notes will be updated (cherry-picked) to reflect that change. Customers will be notified of this change through an email notification.
The videos on the portal are feature demos that are directly linked to each release note to visually (without sound) explain where each feature is and how to use the feature.

Videos can be accessed from three places. There are videos relating to each feature within each version’s release notes, the Video Library section on the Dashboard, and the Video Library button on the Menu.

Users can download and share release notes within their organization.  Release notes are proprietary information from MedCompass and should not be shared outside a customer’s organization.  Users can also access all available Release Notes by logging in to the customer portal.

To communicate any updates or changes to MedCompass, please complete the Feedback/Idea form and submit. Subsequently, the Product Team will be notified of the request and will review the submissions for approval to the Product backlog.

All current MedCompass customers can access the Release Notes through their designated contact(s) that have access to the Customer Portal.

Users can find the most recent Release Notes on the dashboard. For prior Release Notes, press the All Release Notes button on the Dashboard where you will find a collection of all previous releases in order of Release Version.